Atsign Technology for
Infrastructure & Networking

No Network Attack Surface
No Static IPs or Open Ports
No Firewalls
No Passwords
No Costly Security Budget

Achieve radical simplification alongside client-server architecture with Atsign Technology.

🛑 The increasing complexity of networking in a client-server architecture.

Exposed Networking Ports: Today’s security operations are about detecting security breaches and defending against them, often with increasing security scaffolding and patches.
Public Cloud Complications: Using the ‘big three’ public clouds can result in growing expenses, lack of data control, and increasing complexity.
Fragmented Networks: It is often a struggle to deal with fragmented networks and IP addressing complexity.
Remote Access Complexity: It’s challenging and complex to securely access remote systems across multiple physical locations.
VPN Struggles: Synchronizing set up, configurations, and ever-increasing firewall rules prolong deployments and delay revenue.

Radical simplification with Atsign’s Technology.

Lock Down Networking Ports: Atsign technology enables you to remove the network attack surface entirely, providing the possibility for resources to be re-focused on new opportunity.
Public to Private Cloud Migration: Atsign technology can simplify security layers by offering a private and distributed cloud infrastructure. It also returns control of data to the rightful owners.
Network Unification and Seamless Data Routing: Atsign technology is network agnostic, bringing together dissociated communities and ecosystems.
Secure Remote Access from Anywhere: Atsign’s SSH No Ports allows secure remote access of devices from anywhere, hassle-free.
Boosted Business Performance: Atsign technology solutions do not rely on firewalls for security. Deployment and revenue bookings, depending on your situation, can accelerate.

Atsign Technology Use Cases

Simplified Network

Manufacturing Supply Chain Security: Imagine verifying the provenance of materials used in your products in real-time, ensuring ethical sourcing and preventing counterfeit goods from entering your production line. Atsign technology allows secure data sharing between your suppliers and your production facilities, with granular control over access, and attestation capabilities to guarantee authenticity.

Next-Generation Data, Device, and Pipe Security for Enterprise

Corporate Remote Device Management: Atsign is working with energy managment and gateway companies, as well as OEMs, to securely access and manage geographically dispersed devices without deploying complex VPNs or opening network attack surfaces. Atsign’s end-to-end encryption and context-aware addressing simplify remote access and ensure only authorized access.

Unified Data Routing

Merging Data Among Hospitals, Pharmacies, and Clinics: Atsign’s SDKs are being used by a customer to unify diverse organizations that are required to share data but operate on a variety of networks. Atsign’s unique atSign identifier removes the need for static IPs, making a unified network seamless.

Some further use cases and ideal times to consider building with Atsign technology:

    • Shifting cyber-security thinking and tech to radical simplification.
    • Merging OT and IT groups.
    • Migrating from public to private cloud.
    • Unifying networks, particularly when managing M&A.
    • Securing access to remote devices – from anywhere.
    • Cutting networking budgets by ~70%.

    Atsign Technology: Highlights for IT, Infrastructure, and Networking

    Atsign technology solutions are inherently secure and private:

    • Network attack surfaces are eliminated by having no exposed ports
    • Authentication is Zero Trust and cryptographically secured, not password-based
    • Data is end-to-end encrypted when exchanged between peers; no man in the middle

      Atsign technology solutions offer hassle-free possibilities:

      • Static IPs are not necessary
      • Firewall rules are not necessary
      • Constant monitoring likely not necessary
      • Dynamic routing agnostic, reduced planning needed
      • Unified data routing, reduced planning needed
      • Dependence between networking and software engineers is reduced

        Atsign technology solutions likley deploy faster and radically cuts costs:

        • Deploy without VPNs or additional firewalls
        • Deployment may be days, instead of weeks
        • Less energy consumption required
        • Fewer machines required
        • Revenue likley booked faster when deployment is accelerated
        • Capital and operating expenses lowered when firewall rules are reduced

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