Prevention is the Untapped Solution to Cybersecurity Needs





Flipping Cybersecurity with Networking 2.0

When we walk the floors of cybersecurity events, most vendors talk about ‘managing attack surfaces,’ and using ‘solutions’ to monitor and react to threats. These solutions are expensive, and do not solve the problem at the source. Our philosophy is, Why have an attack surface at all? 

From his experience in the field, Atsign® Go To Market Specialist, Anthony Prakash tells us in his speech from the TIA Summit that, “The cybersecurity market is focused on cure, not prevention.” With this approach, these unsustainable costs have risen to upwards of $8 trillion.¹

Instead of placing layer upon layer of security on top of more layers and layers of security, why not address the problem at the root?

Removing Network Attack Surfaces

Attack surfaces are the entry points that malicious actors exploit in order to gain access to a network, with open listening ports being particularly vulnerable to attack. Traditionally, organizations and individuals will deploy layers of security like firewalls, threat detection systems, and network segmentation or VPNs to try and mitigate the damage done from cyberattacks. All of these solutions are expensive and take time to configure. 

We wanted to avoid the headaches associated with the traditional methods of securing a network, so we thought, “If there’s no attack surface, then there’s nothing to attack.” The simpler the solution, the better.

  • Atsign offers a new approach to cybersecurity based on prevention.
  • The atProtocol® is decentralized, and the SDKs use end-to-end encryption; there are no network attack surfaces.
  • Atsign tech allows people to control their data and choose who can see it.
  • Atsign can be used in a variety of applications, including smart cities, logistics, and healthcare.

Further Steps

  1. Check out Anthony’s Summary of the TIA Summit.
  2. Read CTO and CO-founder, Colin’s article on Networking 2.0.
  3. Try out Networking 2.0 technology for yourself with the free trial of SSH No Ports, the remote access tool that allows you to access your remote devices without opening any network listening ports. Use code: 14dayfreetrial

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¹Esentire – 2023 Official Cybercrime Report

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