Imagine & Build with Atsign Technology

With Atsign’s atProtocol® and open source SDKs, you can create decentralized digital experiences with privacy and security already built in.

Imagine New Customer Experiences with Atsign Technology

Enterprise innovators, entrepreneurs, and developers leveraging our technology to pioneer groundbreaking solutions:

ACA Pacific – Leading in Singapore with the atProtocol and eliminating VPNs.

ZPE Offers simple zero trust networking security with zero point energy gateways.

ZARIOT – Created and offers both connected and protected cellular connectivity with SIM partner Kigen.

atKrypto – Built and launched the first private and high performing blockchain.

The atProtocol Empowers Product Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Security Experts alike.

Product Leaders, Innovators, Entrepreneurs

New products, revenue streams, and customer experiences


New solutions for OT, IT, Networking, Infrastructure Security Ops, Dev Ops

OEMs, Device Product Designers and Managers

New features for gateways, routers, devices, sensors

Developers, System Integrators

New apps, privacy-first apps, contextual data sharing apps

Key highlights for building new apps and solutions with the atProtocol.

Products and Apps

Robust development tools and environments for building products and solutions:

  • Free Open Source SDKs – BSD3 License to protect your intellectual property
  • The Open atProtocol
  • Use our hosted services or run them on your own private cloud
Networking Solutions

Simplified secure inter-application networking:

  • Unified data routing
  • Secure remote access from anywhere
  • Independence between Network and App Engineers
  • Reduced deployment schedules and networking budgets, dependent on the use case
Security Solutions

Next-generation data and device security which establishes:

  • Zero Trust architecture
  • Firewall agnostic
  • End-to-end encryption
Data Privacy Solutions

Complete Privacy by Default

  • Peer to Peer data services
  • Control access to your data
  • End-to-end encryption

Learn more about Atsign’s Key Technology Components.  

The Foundation

atProtocol – Open and patented network protocol which functions to transport data from Point A to Point B, (peer-2-peer), sans client-server middle point.

  • Empowers decentralized private networking and any method of encryption security.

For Building

SDKs – Software development kits to (1) build custom apps and connect devices using all the components of Atsign technology and (2) provides end-to-encryption layer to protect data in transit and at rest

  • Available versions: Stable: Dart/Flutter and Java; Beta: Python and MicroPython; Alpha: C, C++, Go, and Rust.
  • Convenient BSD3 Open Source License granting intellectual property right to the developer.

For Deploying

atSigns – Unique identifiers for people, entities, and things communicating via the atProtocol. They empower ownership and control over data, allowing fine-grained access management and personalized interactions.

  • For example, @alice, @acmecorp, @frontdoorcamera, @gateway

atServers – Secure, private data stores that manage communication and data access for atSigns without storing or decrypting personal information.

  • Hosting can be on the cloud, on prem, or air-gapped.

atDirectory – The only centralized Atsign technology component. The atDirectory is a service that stores the location of the atServer for each atSign. It works similar to DNS. Note: Support for federation is in the architecture and on our roadmap.

See our documentation for more detail.

Let’s discuss how Atsign can propel your business.

Start Building Today

Build your products and solutions with our patented open atProtocol:

Deploy your solutions on Atsign’s Infrastructure:

  • atSign addresses
  • atServers
  • atDirectory

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