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Atsign provides you with the building blocks for innovative Networking 2.0 experiences

Let’s build the Internet of Every Thing

Atsign’s SDK lets you quickly create Networking 2.0 products and services for you and your customers. Enjoy the benefits of simplified security and access, and experience new degrees of freedom.

Inherent Security
Data is automatically end-to-end encrypted. No open listening ports means no network attack surfaces.

Hassle-Free Access
Install, configure, troubleshoot, update, deploy—all with no need to speak to the network adminstrator.

Faster & Greener Deployment
Go from idea to market in a fraction of the time, with fewer power and hardware needs.

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 Drawing of two hands holding sign that reads "Close port 22 forever"

Install SSH No Ports today and immediately experience the benefits of Networking 2.0!

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September 21-22, 2023

The Things Conference | We’re thrilled to be a Silver Sponsor of the flagship event about LoRaWAN® and Low Power Internet of Things. Our CTO and Co-founder, Colin Constable, is leading a hands-on workshop where participants will try out SSH No Ports, a tool from Atsign that allows full remote access to Linux based gateways without ANY open network ports, static IPs or NAT configurations.

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