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Your privacy matters. The @platform provides you with apps that respect your privacy.

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Your space on the
Privacy-First web.

The @wavi app provides a public space for your business, projects, and yourself! You have total control over what other people see. Learn more


P2P encrypted file sharing has never been easier.

The @mosphere app makes peer-to-peer encrypted file sharing possible. In real-time, you can send files across any device regardless of your location. Learn more


An entirely new way to connect — privacy included.

@buzz reimagines how we exchange information with the people in our lives, and frees you from the burden of owning someone else’s data. Learn more

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The Internet today…

After you register on a website, you’re separated from your data. To reunite with your data, you’re forced to go through a site’s security clearance over and over again just to prove your identity.

What would the Internet look like if WE kept and controlled our data instead?

The Internet in the very near future…

You’ll control access to your data with your own unique digital ID. Unlike a Twitter handle or username, this ID acts as a gatekeeper — a digital bouncer, if you will — who knows what data you want to share, with whom, and for how long. This bouncer is called your @sign (i.e. @amy).

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