Networking 2.0

Securing devices and data on the network today is broken.

It is too complex, time consuming, and expensive. We believe that a new approach to networking, Networking 2.0, can solve this challenge and also create opportunities for totally new and unimagined experiences. We have created the building blocks—a new protocol and SDKs—that allow people to quickly and easily create Networking 2.0 products and services. Our unique technology is decentralized and open-source, but it is not blockchain. It makes it possible to efficiently secure devices and data, at scale. Atsign’s technology lets you focus forward, on innovation and growth, instead of being governed by security hassles and limitations.

We are excited about Networking 2.0’s potential to help everyone and every thing connected to the Internet. 

Our focus is on helping business and technology leaders take advantage of Networking 2.0 benefits, especially making security and data control an integral part of any new product or solution design from day one.

Here’s how:

Product Managers
We work with you to build new highly-secure products that integrate within your existing product roadmaps and stand out in the marketplace.

CIOs, CTOs, and CISOs
We help you secure your connected device infrastructure and easily solve IoT security challenges.

OEMs and Gateway Manufacturers

Our tool, SSH No Ports, uses Atsign’s end-to-end encrypted control plane to initiate SSH connections without opening ports on the client or the device. This resolves remote access complexity and security issues, and makes devices accessible for troubleshooting or upgrading even if they’re behind a firewall. We can design solutions that are applicable to both greenfield and brownfield implementations, and your products will stand out in the market as far ahead of existing ones.

Developers and Systems Integrators
We provide an SDK that allows you to quickly build secure and privacy-compliant applications for consumers and enterprises.