Why Open Source






From the very beginning, the founders of Atsign decided to make their software open source. There are many reasons for this, detailed below, but the fundamental reason was that open source reflects the values of the company – open. We want to be open to collaboration, open to ideas, and open to everyone who wants to be a part of this fundamental shift on the internet to privacy and security.


Principles of Open Source

The following values highlight why open-source is fundamental to Atsign technology. These values are community-driven, aligning with Atsign’s core values.


Open-source technology allows the best ideas to rise to the top. Open source is equitable, enabling people from diverse backgrounds to contribute to improving projects they are passionate about.

We want to build technology that is helpful to people. Being open source allows us to engage with communities directly, to see what they actually care about and want to see improve with our technology.

Transparency & Trust:

Technology built on open-source principles is inherently more trustworthy. There are no secrets because the code is there, wide open for all to see; organizations can prove that they are not acting maliciously with their code.

We want to collaborate with partners, not trap them into an proprietary ecosystem.

Open-source technology helps companies remain flexible, allowing for quicker changes in the face of evolving markets. Avoiding vendor reliance–or lock-in–is a significant reason why many companies choose open-source technology.

Open source means organizations can exercise freedom of choice without bracing for the cost-prohibitive changes that come with trying to leave proprietary software.


Open source works under the notion of “secure by verification,” meaning anyone can view the code to verify that there are no major vulnerabilities or bugs, and that companies are held accountable for the integrity of their code. The collaborative spirit of open source also allows for more hands on deck when addressing security needs and finding bugs.


Powered By Open Source

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