SSH No Ports Passes Pen Test


We Passed the Test

SSH No Ports recently underwent penetration testing with leading cybersecurity firm, Fortis Cyber Security Limited. They used both manual and automated tools to attempt to identify and exploit any security vulnerabilities. As quoted in the report, “Penetration testing revealed that the system does not immediately present any dangerous security conditions.”

This is great news for our customers because it validates our vision for Networking 2.0, and proves that SSH No Ports:

  • Is secure and can stand up to cyberattacks:
    • There are no network attack surfaces.
  • Is built to comply with data regulation in different industries e.g. healthcare and finance:
    • Data is end-to-end encrypted, with the cryptographic keys cut at the edge on the device.
  • Is a sysadmin’s dream: 
    • No need for static IP addresses, and you can securely access your device behind firewalls and within private networks.

If you’d like us to send you a copy of the report, please email us.

Try SSH No Ports free for 14 days. Use code: 14dayfreetrial at checkout!

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