Create an @sign, a unique digital identity that you own

Unlike your Gmail address, Twitter handle, or Instagram username, your @sign belongs to you and you alone.

What is an @sign?

An @sign is a unique digital ID that acts as your key to your data, which only you can see or control. Grant third parties access to your data, and revoke this access at any time.

Choose your own @sign for a fee, or register a randomly generated one for free.

What can I do with my @sign?

At the moment, you can pair your @sign with any app on the @protocol to enable the app to access, but not store, your data. The number of things you can do with your @sign will increase as more and more of these @pps are built.

While we wait for the rest of the Internet to catch up, you can get ahead of the game by downloading the first batch of recently launched @pps.

Discover these @pps here.

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