Flutter Silicon Valley Meetup #3

Open Source IoT with Dart & Flutter

“We’re working on really hard problems to make life easier for ourselves in the future.” – Colin Constable

Reducing attack surfaces to zero, standardizing end-to-end encrypted communications, and SSH-ing into remote devices with no open ports–yes, we can do all that! 

Recently, we hosted the third Flutter Silicon Valley meetup at the Historic Adobe Building in Mountain View, California. It was a new setup, but still the same great atmosphere with some really intriguing guest speakers. 

Colin, our co-founder and CTO, gave a super interesting talk about Open Source IoT with Dart and Flutter, complete with live demos–and yes, they worked flawlessly 😉

To demonstrate how our open source tech makes IoT devices more secure, Colin walked through a use case involving a radio station that had been hacked and taken over by another radio station which then started broadcasting their own music. 

Colin built a Flutter application using the Atsign SDK that enables real-time monitoring for this particular radio station–KRYZ, up in Mariposa County, California. 

He then pulled a rabbit out of his hat, and demonstrated how to ssh into a remote linux host without having any ports open.

We encourage you to take a look at the full walkthrough to see this groundbreaking tech for yourself. Better yet, request a demo from the man himself, here:

Check out more information on SSH No ports.


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