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Atsign® Go To Market Specialist, Anthony Prakash, recalls his experience at Black Hat Europe.

In early August, 2023, Barbara Tallent, Colin Constable, and I braved the peak of Las Vegas’ summer heat to explore the U.S. edition of the Black Hat Conference. This was Atsign’s first time at Black Hat. Almost every cybersecurity-focused vendor from around the world was there. A sea of humans waited for the doors of the business hall to open, and we were in line for ten minutes just to get inside.

While we waited, we mapped out all the booths and exhibitors we wanted to visit. We spent the morning doing the rounds, talking to over twenty companies. Almost all of them focused on “managing attack surfaces,” or “monitoring,” or “vulnerability management.” 

Around midday we reached the Arsenal showcase. The three of us spent a few minutes at each presentation. The technology and the approaches were forward-looking and disruptive–these discussions stayed in our heads for the rest of the day. 

That evening I decided it was a great opportunity to try to spotlight Atsign’s disruptive, game-changing technology via the Arsenal track. I saw that the next event was Black Hat Europe in London, and applied for Atsign to showcase SSH No Ports (our remote access tool) as part of that conference’s Arsenal track. 

Fast forward six weeks: we were selected for the London showcase at Black Hat Europe. Yay! It was great news for SSH No Ports, and underscored why it had been causing quite a stir over the last twelve months in the IoT and Cybersecurity ecosystems . 

Chris Swan and I got picked to represent Atsign at the event. SSH No Ports drew in a great crowd. We know we were successful because people’s eyes were on us and not their phones! Everyone was completely engaged in the demo.

Image: Chris Swan captivates the audience with his SSH No Ports demo.

Our demo showed how SSH No Ports makes your devices reachable while eliminating network attack surfaces. It uses Atsign’s end-to-end encrypted control plane to initiate SSH connections without having any open listening ports on your devices, including port 22. Learn more at


Here’s a quick video:

We really believe this tool is useful, and is already the start of the next era of the Internet, one built on Networking 2.0. For more on that, please check out Colin’s post on Medium

We all want a more secure and private way of interacting on the Internet, and events like Black Hat give us the opportunity to reach people who are doing the necessary work to make this a reality, and that is priceless. 

If you are interested in our technology, and want to partner with us, then please reach out to to schedule a meeting. We look forward to working with you in 2024! 

Image: Anthony Prakash explains the benefits of SSH No Ports.

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