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Share your rig information to the web with CATWEB

Thanks for your interest in CATWEB, created by Atsign co-founder and ham radio enthusiast, Colin Constable. 

CATWEB is an atPlatform app. When paired with another atPlatform app, @wavi, CATWEB allows ham radio operators to display online, automated and in near real-time, the frequency and modulation mode they’re using

Along with CATWEB, we’ve also built a super simple micropublishing platform called @wavi. This  app is used to create your profile or microsite that lives on a directory located at:  @wavi profiles can be as brief or detailed as the author likes. With a little HTML know-how, they can contain videos, embedded music players, photos, and more.  And now, Thanks to CATWEB, they can display your automated, nearly real-time frequency and modulation mode! Here’s CATWEB in action on Colin’s @wavi profile, located here:

Notice how the profile is named @AI6BH? Not only is that Colin’s call sign, it’s one of his atSigns, too. Keep reading to learn how to duplicate Colin’s setup so you can keep your ham radio friends up to date on where to find you.


I’m Colin Constable, co-founder of Atsign.

At Atsign, we’re flipping the Internet upside down with our open-source Internet protocol and platform (the atPlatform). The atPlatform enables developers to build apps that are surveillance-free and private by design. People using these apps are able to own and control their own data and enjoy totally new online experiences. atPlatform apps don’t require people to create accounts with usernames and passwords in order to use them. Instead, people create one unique identifier, called an atSign, and use it across the entire app ecosystem. You get to be You, no matter which atApplication you’re using.

Want to share your real-time rig information to the web?

Here’s how to get started:

  • Watch Colin’s video
  • Fill out the form linked below to get your FREE call sign atSign
  • Download and install CATWEB, and connect it to your call sign atSign

At this point, CATWEB will create a basic @wavi profile displaying just your frequency and modulation mode. If that’s all you need, you’re all set to share the link with whomever you like. If you want to fill in your profile with more info, here are the next steps:

  • Download @wavi and connect it to your call sign atSign
  • Update your profile with whatever info you’d like. There are lots of tips on how to do that here.
Watch Colin’s CATWEB explainer video

Get Your Call Sign atSign

The first thing you’ll need to do is get your own atSign. For a limited time, we’re offering call sign atSigns (usually priced at $100) to the Ham Radio community for FREE! Click the link below to get started. Questions? Contact us — we’re happy to help! 

Download the Apps

Download CATWEB for free for Windows, Android, macOS, iPad, or iPhone. Coming soon for Linux.

Download the free mobile @wavi app for Android or Apple iOS.

Check out for inspiration!