ZARIOT Recognized as Gold Winner in 2022 Future Digital Awards

Smart Cities & IoT Innovation Awards

We would like to take a moment to congratulate our partner, ZARIOT, the newly appointed Gold Winner of the Future Digital Smart Cities & Innovation Award for eSIM Innovation of the Year!

This award recognizes innovative and key solutions in the IoT and Smart Cities spaces. We are so proud to have been involved in the development of the IoT Trust solution which provides end-to-end data encryption and control from device to core application and beyond.

Our friends at ZARIOT have been hard at work, and this award serves to highlight the passion and care they have put into helping to “flip the Internet,” shifting the control of data ownership, and making the Internet a better, and safer place.

“ZARIOT SIM expertise leverages the huge potential of eUICC technology to store the cryptographic keys on the SIM, which acts as a tamper-resistant root of trust. Another SIM applet we offer is our patented anti-IMSI catcher which protects SIMs from becoming the victims of an IMSI catcher, which can present a significant threat.” 

ZARIOT’s commitment to trust and security is a boon to those working in IoT. With the rapid growth of connected devices, a secure ecosystem is essential for a healthy and informed community to prosper within the smart cities of the future. 

Please check out the full release celebrating Gold Winner, ZARIOT. Here’s to many more accolades!

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