SSH No Ports Impresses at Sensors Converge


Atsign and Sensors Converge

On June 21 and 22, we attended Sensors Converge in Santa Clara, CA.

Technical shows like Sensors Converge are all about the demos. Colin had a blast demoing SSH No Ports, showing how he could use it to quickly and securely access a RAKWireless LoRaWan gateway, which was only connected by a cellular connection, which has a 1918 address and outbound NAT to the Internet. Oh, and of course with no ports open, therefore no network attack surface.

Here’s a quick video of his demo, taken at our booth. Also, keep an eye out for Colin’s t-shirt; it was a big hit at the conference!

United Partners

Our friends from The Things Industries hosted a workshop, Grow your business with LoRaWan, where Colin talked about Central Gateway operation using The Things Stack and Atsign. You can see an earlier version of that talk here

We shared floor space with our friends from the WCA, Sensitel, CRATUS, The Amplify Platform, and Voler Systems, and were proud to be among the nominees for the Innovative Product of the Year Award. Congrats to all the winners!

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