Secure Your Radio Station

Networking 2.0 keeps those radio waves free from interference


If you don’t want your radio station to be hacked by a Scandinavian rock-music-loving hacker, then you need Atsign’s Networking 2.0 technology.

After KRYZ Radio in Mariposa, California had their signal stolen by a Swedish Rock station, leadership contacted their friend, Atsign’s Colin Constable, for help. Luckily, Atsign was preparing to launch a new, Networking 2.0 tool, SSH No Ports, that turned out to be the perfect way to protect against future signal hacking. 

For the full release, (that we really enjoyed writing!) and to hear the entire story, head over to GlobeNewswire.


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For a 14-day free trial of SSH No Ports, the remote sys admin tool that got the station back on track, visit Enter code: 14dayfreetrial at checkout.

We love talking to customers, so please reach out to with any questions, or set up a demo to see SSH No Ports in real time. 

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