Worried About Data Privacy?

Networking 2.0 is a much better option than APIs


Networking 2.0 technology is better than current APIs because it keeps your data private. 

With current APIs, data that flows through the API can be seen by the API provider and can be compromised if a bad actor attacks that API provider. Networking 2.0 technology encrypts all data before it is exchanged, so that it can only be read by the intended recipient.

Additionally, Networking 2.0 technology gives people more control over their data. With APIs, people have to trust the application that they are using with their data. Networking 2.0 relieves the burden of managing other peoples’ data by having privacy built in from the start. Only the sender and recipient can see the data.

With Networking 2.0, software developers and API providers are fully compliant with data privacy regulation, so they can focus on what they do best, offering great, innovative software experiences.

Networking 2.0 technology is more secure than current APIs because it ensures total data privacy and gives people more control over their data. 

In the demo below, Atsign CTO and Co-founder, Colin, showcases the capabilities of Networking 2.0 technology using the open-source chat app, atTalk.

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