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IoT Privacy Platform

atIoT: The atPlatform for IoT Security & Simplicity


The atPlatform for IoT Zero Trust and Zero Configuration

No Passwords
No Ports
No Static IPs
No Attack Surface
No Extra Security Budget

How? With the atProtocol and atPlatform every device is addressable through an atSign enabling end-to-end encrypted outbound device communication.


atPlatform for IoT Security


Collage of IoT items with atsigns overlayed

As IoT devices become directly connected over mobile networks, better security, especially for the data they generate, becomes critically important. IoT security thinkers, including NIST IoT are working hard to solve this, but we believe that it requires a very different approach.

Together, with our partners ZARIOT and Kigen, we have announced an innovative new way to solve many of these IoT (Internet of Things) security challenges:

  • Cryptographic keys are created by the SIM/TPM/Secure Enclave and cannot be copied
  • A major attack surface is eliminated by removing the need to directly access the device
  • Data is encrypted all the way from the device to the app
  • Data is not lost when the device loses connectivity
  • All network connectivity is outbound, vastly simplifying network configuration
  • Device owners can control which subset of data is sent via an IoT tunnel to IoT hubs provided by AWS, GCP & Azure

atPlatform for IoT Simplicity

The atPlatform strips things down to the protocol level, creating both zero trust and zero configuration environments – completely without passwords – eliminating all attack surfaces created by over-complexity, and simplifying the administration of devices in the process.

Eliminates the need for physical security devices

  • No firewalls required
  • No VPNs required
  • No open ports, including 22
  • Provides data routing hardware lockdown of encryption keys

Makes devices easier to add and administer

  • Fewer components required
  • No complex administrative tools needed

Allows for dynamic IP addresses

  • No longer need to assign static IPs
  • Greatly simplifies network administration
Chart showing IoT device, micro service, and app

atIoT Network Architecture

Simplify your IoT network architecture. Literally, you can leave the past behind…

Welcome to the atIoT Network Architecture…

IoT No Attack Surfaces:  Ssh_no ports Demo

A way to create an ssh session with remote devices without

  • Configuring static IP addresses 
  • Installing complex VPNs
  • Configuring complex firewalls
  • Requiring TCP/IP ports open on device

Zero configuration and Zero attack surface

Cryptographic authentication 

End to End encryption with RSA 4096 ssh session keys

Watch the demo!

IoT and Flutter: CATWEB HAM Radio App

CATWEB is an atPlatform (and therefore, Flutter) app. When paired with another atPlatform app, atWavi, CATWEB allows ham radio operators to display online, automated and in near real-time, the frequency and modulation mode they’re using. 

Watch Colin’s presentation from the May 2022 Flutter Silicon Valley Meetup to learn more and see it in action! 

Read more about Colin and why he created CATWEB.

Watch the demo!

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