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How atSign pricing works

FREE & Custom Options

We’ve made atSigns available to anyone, no matter your budget—from FREE to LUDICROUS 🤪!

List of free at signs from our registrar



Randomly generated and no renewal fees ever!

@official97pho @sparklingbuncha



A +Number is a custom atSign that contains an underscore ( _ ) and up to 4 numbers at the end.

@tina_127 @tom🙂_1945



A combo atSign is any combination of words, numbers, and emojis. Even your first and last name!

@happy🐕dogs @galaxyleader2000


Single Word

Any single word in the American English Dictionary, including common first names and surnames.

Examples: @alice @bob


Three Character

Any combination of 3 characters that is not already a word in the American English Dictionary.

Examples: @007 @UCB

*$10 annual renewal fee on all paid atSigns. Free atSigns have no renewal fees.  

Fun with numbers

With a limit of 128 characters, your atSign possibilities are almost endless. We’ve done the hard work and crunched the numbers for you. Take a look at the staggering number of combinations and the very limited availability of “rare” atSigns.

1,503,232,609,098 (1.5 trillion) 16 character combinations

UNICODE (currently supporting Emojis)
277,575 assigned characters, 1,114,112 possible = 5.93305E+73 (59 trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion) 16 character combinations

Three letter
17,576 combinations


First names

Words in the english dictionary 

14,701,923,550 (14.7 billion)
Two word combinations

840,332,546,270,900 (840 trillion)
Three word combinations

All atSigns—even FREE ones—come with the following perks built-in.

  • End-to-end encrypted (automatic privacy)
  • Emoji compatible
  • Ownership of your data
  • Surveilance-free
  • Access to dozens of atPlatform-based apps

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