How @sign pricing works

FREE & Custom Options

We’ve made @signs available to anyone, no matter your budget—from FREE to LUDICROUS 🤪!

List of free at signs from our registrar



Randomly generated and no renewal fees ever!

@official97pho @sparklingbuncha



A +Number is a custom @sign that contains an underscore ( _ ) and up to 4 numbers at the end.

@tina_127 @tom🙂_1945



A combo @sign is any combination of words, numbers, and emojis. Even your first and last name!

@happy🐕dogs @galaxyleader2000


Single Word

Any single word in the American English Dictionary, including common first names and surnames.

Examples: @alice @bob


Three Character

Any combination of 3 characters that is not already a word in the American English Dictionary.

Examples: @007 @UCB

*$10 annual renewal fee on all paid @signs. Free @signs have no renewal fees.  

Fun with numbers

With a limit of 128 characters, your @sign possibilities are almost endless. We’ve done the hard work and crunched the numbers for you. Take a look at the staggering number of combinations and the very limited availability of “rare” @signs.

1,503,232,609,098 (1.5 trillion) 16 character combinations

UNICODE (currently supporting Emojis)
277,575 assigned characters, 1,114,112 possible = 5.93305E+73 (59 trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion) 16 character combinations

Three letter
17,576 combinations


First names

Words in the english dictionary 

14,701,923,550 (14.7 billion)
Two word combinations

840,332,546,270,900 (840 trillion)
Three word combinations

All @signs—even FREE ones—come with the following perks built-in.

  • End-to-end encrypted (automatic privacy)
  • Emoji compatible
  • Ownership of your data
  • Surveilance-free
  • Access to dozens of @platorm-based apps

Learn more about @signs here

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