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What is an atSign?


An atSign is your digital identity. It ensures that your data is 100% owned and controlled by you.

What can I do with my atSign?

At the moment, you can pair your atSign with any app on the atPlatform (the underlying technology behind atSigns) to enable the app to access, but not store, your data. The number of things you can do with your atSign will increase as more and more of these atPlatform apps are built.

While we wait for the rest of the Internet to catch up, you can get ahead of the game by downloading the first batch of recently launched apps. These include atmospherePro, an end-to-end encrypted file sharing app, and atBuzz, an entirely new and private way to connect with others, and more.

Discover these atPlatform apps here.

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atSign 101

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  • Illustration of a person looking through a keyhole
    Absolute Privacy
    Private data stays protected from prying eyes.
  • Illustration of a toaster with images and messages coming out of it
    Automatic Privacy Compliance
    Privacy built in, at the protocol level.
  • Illustration of a hand holding a web browser with a ribbon tied around it
    Better Online Experience
    Built for People, not Users.
  • Illustration of miscellaneous items on a shelf
    Control over Data
    You choose who sees your data, when, and for how long.
  • Illustration of two hands coming out of a computer screen shaking
    Current, Real-Time Information
    Update once, and everyone gets the memo.
  • Illustration of a person messaging someone online
    Decreased Support Overhead
    No more dealing with lost usernames and passwords.
  • Illustration of hands coming out of two computer screens giving each other a high five
    Earn as You Grow
    Build the @ecosystem while earning commissions.
  • Illustration of a wallet dropping coins in a funnel
    Low to No Hosting Costs
    Don’t pay for what you don’t host.
  • Illustration of hands sweeping up broken items
    Minimized Risk
    Customer data is stored locally, reducing company liability.
  • Illustration of a browser window with a check mark button
    Network of Trust
    Choose who you let into your @life.
  • Illustration of someone stepping on a database
    No User Databases
    Every person’s data is stored and encrypted locally.
  • Illustration of a person looking at a computer screen with multiple faces on the screen
    Freedom to control your online brand.
  • Illustration of hands quickly building a web application
    Quicker Time-to-Market
    Get your app out, fast.
  • Illustration of a person's hands building code blocks
    Streamlined App Development
    Less coding, more creating.
  • Illustration of a person signing an email
    Surveillance-Free Data
    No middleman, woman, or bot.
  • Illustration of a person using a magnifying glass on a computer screen
    Customers control who accesses their data.
  • Illustration of hands holding a funnel of tools
    Trust-Based Apps
    Create an app like no other.