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With all the recent excitement surrounding our name change and 3rd Birthday as well as all the cool and interesting things we’ve been developing within the IoT space, we wanted to welcome everyone, and reintroduce you to our Social Media pages. 

Drone with camera flying over dense forest

You might recognize us from our Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and even our Discord server. So, give us a like, a share, follow, and maybe even a nice comment! Come join a gaming session in our Discord server, too. 

Some familiar faces like Hakeem, Cynthia, and Tyler, are always willing to engage with our awesome community.

Our YouTube shorts have been particularly well-received. They’re packed full of great information about developing on the atPlatform as well as common terms you might come across regarding data privacy and IoT.

Stay tuned for some longer form content with our upcoming podcast series, Flip the Internet  Podcast

In the spirit of open source, we’re always available to chat directly. Email us to schedule a demo of our tech or chat with our team:

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What is a SAFE Round Investment?

Atsign is offering an opportunity to invest in a SAFE round in their Equity Crowdfunding Campaign. Find out what a SAFE round really means, and how it can benefit you as the IoT market continues to grow exponentially.

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Complete Device Lockdown

Complete device lockdown is the future with Ssh! No ports, a tool that allows people to SSH into a device without having any ports open.

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LIMITED TIME! Invest in Atsign and become a stakeholder in the future of data privacy and device security. Minimum investment $150. Learn more

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