Networking 2.0 is the Future of the Internet


The Future is Here

The Internet could be so much safer and better. We need Networking 2.0, now.

In the video below, the Atsign team explains three core principles of Networking 2.0:

  • Addresses
    • Unique identifiers that streamline connections for people, entities, and their connected things.
  • Privacy
    • Built-in end-to-end-encryption.
  • Context
    • Contextual answers depending on who or what is making an inquiry.


Dive Deeper

For a deeper dive into Networking 2.0, check out these articles by Atsign CTO and Co-founder, Colin Constable:

  1. Networking 2.0: Network Everything
  2. Networking 2.0 back to the future
  3. The difference between Networking 2.0 and Web3
  4. Networking 2.0 for Telephony and Real Time Communications

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