It Is Time to Take Networking to the Next Level—Networking 2.0 Is Here!


Networking 2.0

Network Everything

Networking 2.0: At its highest level, Networking 2.0 makes anything addressable, with clear data ownership and control, allows contextual responses, and is inherently private and cryptographically secure.

Colin and Kevin (two of Atsign’s co-founders) spent a lot of time trying to solve a puzzle: Networking needs to expand to everything to create new experiences and enable AI to improve people’s lives, but how?

This article digs in deep to answer the “How” and show you the ways that Networking 2.0 will change the world as we know it!

Why Open Source

Atsign technology has been open source from day one. See exactly why open source embodies the values we hold as a company.

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Zero Trust Sockets

Simplify network security by starting at the socket level. Colin Constable explains how a Zero Trust Sockets approach is better.

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