Here’s Why You Want to Send All Your Files with atmospherePro

Here at Atsign we have a saying: “Your app, Your data.” Simply put, you, not an app creator, should always control who has access to your data and how it’s used. “Your app, Your data” means total privacy: no spying or hacking, mining or selling your data, or serving up ads based on your app activity.

Our newest app, atmospherePro is a simple, intuitive, and most importantly, end-to-end encrypted way to safely transfer files. [Learn more about end-to-end encryption here.] Unlike other file transfer apps, with atmospherePro you own your encryption keys. Everything you send with atmospherePro (think photos, legal documents, top-secret memes, videos, recipes… any and all files, really), is encrypted on your device exclusively for the recipient you’ve selected. No one else can access your file, including the app creators.

Why do so many of us still rely on email to send important documents? Because it’s absolutely convenient—we’re familiar with it, our contacts are readily available, we use our inboxes as storage. It’s become a (bad) habit. We do it knowing that it’s not the safest method and that we’re just one data leak away from having our email hacked. Is the convenience really worth the risk? Spoiler: It is not.

Enter atmospherePro. It’s convenient and there are no risks. It protects your most sensitive data (things like sending your social security and a copy of your ID to your new employer, or sending your partner or child their forgotten banking login info). Equally important, it can be used for all your file transfers and become your new (good) habit.

Maybe you’re not using email to send files, and instead are using an encrypted messaging service, like Whatsapp, or password-protected sharing services like Box or GDrive. These services offer more protection than email, but not as much as atmospherePro. atmospherePro is built on the atPlatform and uses your atSign as authentication, so you won’t have to remember a PIN like with Signal, have a username/password that can be compromised in a data leak, or give your phone number or email to everyone you want to share something with.

atmospherePro vs. everything else…

Facebook Messenger
Google Drive/Dropbox
End-to-End Encrypted
You possess your own keys
Files only viewable by you and your recipients
No phone number, email, or other personal contact info required

We invite you to download atmospherePro and tell us what you think. Share your feedback with us at atmospherepro[at]atsign[dot]com.

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