Atsign Joins LoRa Alliance



What Matters

We’ve joined the LoRa Alliance! The alliance is a non-profit working to standardize Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN). LoRaWAN is an LPWAN protocol that enables communication between devices. 

Atsign and Networking 2.0 technology make LoRaWAN gateways reachable no matter where they are, and no matter the network–even behind a firewall. As long as the gateways can reach the Internet, they can be updated, maintained, and monitored easily and quickly.


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Check out this video of Colin giving a talk about LoRaWAN gateway management at scale:

LoRaWAN Gateway management at scale with Atsign Technology

Networking 2.0

Colin explains the captivating future of Networking 2.0.

Networking 2.0, network everything


SSH No Ports

See Networking 2.0 in action! Try out the remote sys admin tool, SSH No Ports for free for 14 days. To get started, enter code: 14dayfreetrial at checkout. 

How to SSH with No open network ports – SSH No Ports

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