March 2021 | Issue 5

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Welcome to the death of the hated CAPTCHA.

Dear fellow Internet Optimist,

Breaking news: Google’s making big moves. The tech giant has certainly been busy, announcing an updated privacy policy (and its intention to eventually break away from third-party cookies), and also rolling out major updates to Dart and Flutter (more on how that will impact The @ Company in a bit). In non-Google-related news, we’re musing on whether compassion has a place in corporate settings (spoiler: it does) while preparing to launch a new app.


Reading Between the Lines of Google’s New Privacy Policy

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“When you use our services, you’re trusting us with your information. We understand this is a big responsibility and work hard to protect your information and put you in control,” Google maintains in its updated privacy policy

The company recently announced its decision to move “towards a more privacy-first web,” reaffirming its intent to stop supporting third-party cookies. But what exactly does this mean? How will these changes affect the advertising world?

Read Digidays’ breakdown of Google’s new privacy policy.


What Flutter 2 Means For The @ Company

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At the beginning of March, Google announced Flutter 2. Some key updates (and how this affects the work we’re doing):

  • Production-quality support for the web.

  • Flutter 2 on desktops, foldables, and embedded devices. This one is big news, especially for our app developers and the future of @protocol apps. Now, apps developed on the @protocol won’t be limited to the phone as soon as our SDK is compatible.
  • Dart 2.12. Google’s programming language is what makes porting Flutter to different platforms so easy. This update is substantial, with increased support and better implementation.
  • For the devs in the house: The new update also provides sound support for ‘null safety,’ which will significantly improve performance (our team is currently working to implement this important feature).

The Compassionate Corporate Warrior’s Journey

Is it possible to be nice AND successful in a work setting?

Bearded old man sitting in subway station holds sign that says, "Seeking Human Kindness."

“In work cultures we practically worship at the altar of the as***le personality, whose selfishness, lack of empathy or ethics, and disregard for the dignity of others are lionized, at least until lawsuits are filed, quarters are missed, the confessional on Medium comes out, or the IPO fails,” writes our CMO Jory Des Jardins.

Read Jory’s reflections on why compassion matters.


Coming Soon | @buzz Beta: Living & Breathing Connections

Welcome to an entirely new way of connecting with others.

@buzz logo

We’re working behind the scenes on @buzz: a social media app unlike any other.

@buzz removes the excess noise and lets you focus on the people that you care about. It shares information on your behalf, updates in real-time, and is designed for your most prioritized connections: close friends and family, inner circles, cherished customers, greatest fans. Not for spammers, creepy callers, or friends of friends of friends you don’t recall meeting.

Want to be one of the first to test it out? Get ahead of the game by signing up for Early Access.

  • Internet Pioneers wanted! By signing up for our Early Access program, you’ll get a 20% discount on @signs, join our Beta Tester list, and get exclusive access to our workshops. Sign up now (you can always opt out at a later time).
  • 💙 Flutteristas are “people who identify as women or non-binary who have an interest in Flutter.”  We’ll be offering a virtual scavenger hunt challenge at the Flutteristas Conference on April 17!
  • We’ve finally finished polishing off our brand new website! Check it out.
  • Phase II of our @appathon has officially begun… We can’t wait to see what the teams come up with.
  • Need some help getting @persona up and running? You can get your questions answered at our weekly troubleshooting sessions, run by our trusty People Support team. Sign up now!

Hi Mom, we’re famous! 

  • Our CEO Barbara Tallent spoke to Savvy Business, Life Unscripted about our beginnings, our mission, and what it’s like being a remote company. Check out the full interview.
  • Many thanks to Don Witt for a lively discussion with our co-founders Colin Constable and Kevin Nickels on his Telecom Reseller podcast! Watch Part 1 and Part 2 now.
Outside In book cover
Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t
by  Simon Sinek

We’d be hypocrites if we championed treating People like People on the Internet, but didn’t extend the same courtesy towards the People on our team. 

That’s why the message of Simon Sinek’s Leaders Eat Last is so important. In his book, Sinek emphasizes the importance of good teamwork and supportive work environments. Teams that build trust, he argues, will prevail in situations where teams founded on cynicism and self-interest might fail.

View the book on Amazon.


Where’s Spiderman’s homepage? 
On the world wide web.
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