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February 2021 | Issue 4

Man says "I love you" to partner, Amazon's Alexa responds with "I love you too, Paul"

Love knows no bounds.

Dear fellow Internet Optimist,

It’s time we had a talk about our relationship with technology. Due to a global pandemic, the world has been forced to migrate work calls and social interactions online. With increased Internet consumption comes unique challenges. In this issue we’ll discuss data privacy’s newfound importance, the dangers of letting your kids run wild on the Internet, and the impact of taking a step back from social media.


But first, some cool new apps

Every other Friday at 8:30AM PST, developers present their in-progress apps at our Demo Day. This past Demo Day, we heard from 6 developer teams about the apps they’re working on. These include:


baygrape logo

A Bermuda-specific app, @baygrape is a portable field guide for those who want to explore Bermuda’s outdoors. Based on BZS’s A Naturalist’s Field Guide to Bermuda, the app will eventually allow people to add notes and images on an interactive map.


Attached logo

Romance isn’t dead, at least not if Att@ched has anything to say about it. Couples can interact privately on the app, sending exclusive notes and sharing memories that cannot be viewed by anyone else, not even a third-party server.


@rrive isn’t your stereotypical location sharing app. On the app, you can invite friends and family to events and, with their permission, watch them arrive (hah, get it, arrive) at your meeting point. No one, not even the app’s developers, can access your location information without your express permission.

Check out the rest of the apps by viewing the full recording of Demo Day here. (Password: MAv.a2gu) And find out which apps are in-market (or about to be) here.


Data privacy matters more than ever to businesses during the pandemic

Chart that explains how privacy investment has increased

A year of trading in-person meetings for Zoom calls has made us well-acquainted with both the joys and frustrations of working from home, causing a shift in our priorities. According to Cisco’s 2021 Data Privacy Benchmark Study, organizations are investing more resources into privacy — likely a result of businesses having to migrate their work online.

Read the full study from Cisco.


My $500 Run-in with Roblox

A case study for parents, marketers, and anyone who thinks they understand gaming apps for kids, written by Mom who didn’t read the User Agreement, and The @ Company CMO, Jory Des Jardins.

Roblox character stands outside restaurant Galaxy Girl

While doing virtual school at home, Jory’s daughters were invited to play on Roblox with their classmates. The offer had definite perks — it gave the kids a way to engage socially while their parents worked, and the kid-friendly platform seemed like a safe place for online interaction. 

Then, the email invoices from Apple started rolling in. 

Read about Jory’s $500 run-in with Roblox.


De-Instagram-ing Your Life: What One Gen Z-er Learned After Deleting the App

Two fingers "run" on a phone that looks like a treadmill

Source: Giphy

For 20-year-old college student Rose Dippel, the decision to delete Instagram was inspired by a combination of reasons, not least of all because of social media’s addictive nature.

Though Instagram had become fully integrated into her everyday life, she eventually made the decision to cut ties with the app.


@ppathon II

To participate in our @ppathon, apply by February 26

We launched our second @ppathon this past February 1. Win $500 in cash, a custom @sign worth $1,000, and even a 6-week mentorship with The @ Company. Accepting applications through February 26, 2021.

Learn more about how to get involved.

Tyler Time

Watch this video on how to set up your Hello World app with our talented developers Tyler McNierney and Tyler Trott!

Learn more about the @protocol

Curious about how the @protocol works? In our developer series, we explain the ins and outs of the @protocol.

The @protocol fundamentals – This article will give you a basic understanding of how our technology works.

Data encryption and caching with the @protocol – In this document, we will discuss how we went about accomplishing data encryption on the @protocol.

The @protocol synchronization– The process of maintaining identical copies of this data on the server and your mobile devices is known as synchronization.


Hi Mom, we’re famous! 

Outside In book cover
Outside In: The Power Of Putting Customers At The Center Of Your Business
by Harley Manning and Kerry Bodine

We’re all about treating people (especially our customers) like people at The @ Company.

As the title of Outside In suggests, Harley Manning and Kerry Bodine argue that good customer experience is an essential goal for any business. The book identifies six core disciplines that are necessary for high-quality customer experience: strategy, customer understanding, design, measurement, governance, and culture.


What kind of doctor fixes broken websites? 
A URLologist.

From Free Funny Jokes


We are technologists, creators, and builders with one thing in common: We love the Internet. You could go so far as to call us Internet Optimists. 

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