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Our Manifesto

We believe that the Internet can be better.

What if we could have a do-over? What if we could extract all the goodness the Internet has to offer without sacrificing our privacy, our time, and our control over our digital identities?

We believe data privacy is a fundamental right.
It’s wrong to require people to trade their personal data for access to online services and businesses. People using devices connected to the Internet deserve to do so safely. Privacy must be an essential part of any online service or technology platform.

We believe transparency is non-negotiable.
People can’t authentically agree to a privacy policy if they don’t fully understand what’s at stake. No more unnecessarily long and ambiguously-worded terms and conditions. Everyone deserves to be in control of exactly how their data is being used.

We believe privacy can be fun!
Seriously. It shouldn’t require elaborate password schemes, forgettable password hints, or picking which boxes have street lights in them to prove one’s humanity to a robot. Privacy experiences should be infused with respect, clarity, and perhaps even a touch of humor.

Join us and help #FliptheInternet!