Flutteristas: Virtual Scavenger Hunt

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At The @ Company we’re committed to the creation of a more human Internet, where privacy is a fundamental right and everyone owns their own data. With our P2P, Open protocol, we’re building a community of app developers who utilize the @platform to create innovative, incredibly useful, and ridiculously fun, privacy-compliant apps. 

Built on Dart and Flutter, the @platform handles the tedious bits of coding (like user database management and user authentication) so that you can focus on building your app. And @signs are keys to the @world of apps. An @sign is your digital identity. It ensures that your data is 100% owned and controlled by you. You can pair your @sign with any app on the @platform to enable the app to access, but not store, your data. Randomly-generated @signs are free to anyone or can be customized for a fee.

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The Flutteristas Scavenger Hunt: Win a Custom @sign!

We know that there’s a lot to take in at this inaugural Flutteristas conference; it may not be possible to see it all in real-time. But why not try?

Our Challenge: Attend as many Flutteristas sessions as possible to get the answers to our Scavenger Hunt questions. There are 15 sessions throughout the day, but anyone with responses to questions from five or more sessions can submit their entry form to our team in time for a chance to win our raffle, taking place at the closing session of the event. 

What can you win?
The first 3 correct submissions will receive a 30-day subscription to codepur.dev. In addition, randomly selected winners will win $100 gift cards (2) and $10 gift cards (5) that can be applied toward any custom @sign, a unique online identifier that acts as a key to your data in apps in the @ecosystem.

Ready to get started? Here are your questions. At the end of the last session, or once you have at least five correct responses, you can submit your entry form.

Submissions for this challenge have closed. Thanks to all who participated!


On the Getting Started page of our developer site, you can access video tutorials, SDKs, and a repository of libraries and packages that will speed along the app development process.  


The @dev Google Group is where you can connect with the @team and other developers, get questions answered, and share feedback on your experience using the @platform.

Be An Early Adopter

Curious to play around with an @sign on our recently released apps? Sign up for a free, randomly-generated @sign and pair it with these apps for an entirely new online experience.

Happy Scavenger Hunting!

– The @team