Your Gift from The @ Company

The @ Company, creator of the open source, P2P @platform, enables your mobile app customers to control third-party access to their data. But to unlock this better internet experience they must secure a unique online identifier, or key, called an @sign.

You can register free, randomly generated @signs, or paid customized versions.  And @signs can include emojis!

We invite you to register free and/or custom @signs at a discount for being a valued member of the Flutter Vikings Community. Depending on the level of customization, this code will secure 50% off, or up to $20 in savings on custom @signs.

You can apply the code to single or multiple purchases. For example, you can secure $20 off a single $100 @sign, or you can secure 50% off of four $10 @signs.

If you are interested in a free @sign, the @sign-o-matic tool will hook you up with randomly generated word combinations. It’s a perfect option for trying out @signs — and having fun while doing it. You can register 10 free or an unlimited number of custom @signs.

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