Build tech solutions that improve the patient-clinician experience.

FHIR @HACK | July 9 – 11th, 2021

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The Challenge

Healthcare providers regularly collect sensitive medical information about their patients. This forces clinicians to spend excessive amounts of time on data entry, and burdens hospitals with the responsibility of organizing, maintaining, and protecting a massive database of confidential patient records.

Develop a solution that prioritizes patient/clinician experience. This solution should have: 

  • built-in features to respect patient data
  • interoperability across platforms
  • clean, intuitive interface and app experience 

Since there are several other initiatives that are focused on COVID, we would like you to think of non-COVID related problems and solutions. We’ve all been patients before, so take some time to consider — how can you make the doctor-patient experience better?

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Submission Guidelines

Give us your best 2 min pitch of your solution. The pitch should include the following:

  1. Problem statement
  2. Solution overview
  3. Working demo/UX design walkthrough
  4. Why is your solution different?
  5. Any ROI/metrics
  6. Optional: Use of the @platform and/or FHIR resources
Judging Criteria

The Pitch/Demo will be judged according to the following criteria:

  1. Creative use of technology to improve the patient/clinician experience (25%)
  2. Simple and intuitive UI (25%)
  3. Standout features that differentiate your solution from other existing solutions in the market (25%)
  4. Focus on privacy and protecting patient’s personal data (25%)
  5. Bonus points: Use of @platform and FHIR technology in the app
The hackathon begins at 3PM PST on Friday, July 9 and ends at 12PM PST on Sunday, July 11. We’ll be releasing an official schedule soon, so check back later for more details!


Grand Prize ($1500)
1 winner. Includes a cash prize of $1500 and a 12-week mentorship with MayJuun & The @ Company.

Best Privacy-focused Solution ($250)
1 winner.
Includes a cash prize of $250 and a 4-week mentorship with MayJuun & The @ Company.

Runner-Ups ($750)
2 winners. Includes a cash prize of $750 and a 12-week mentorship with MayJuun & The @ Company.

Best Use of FHIR / @platform ($250)
1 winner. Includes a cash prize of $250 and a 4-week mentorship with MayJuun & The @ Company.

@sign Gift Vouchers ($50)
10 winners. All submissions will enter a raffle to win @sign gift vouchers worth $50 each.

Best Out of the Box Hack ($250)
1 winner. Includes a cash prize of $250 and a 4-week mentorship with MayJuun & The @ Company.


Dr. John Manning | CEO, MayJuun

Dr. John Manning is both a Flutter Google Developer Expert (GDE) and a practicing informatician who is double-boarded in Emergency Medicine and Clinical Informatics. He helped create the FHIR-FLI collaborative, which combines Flutter with the global standard for healthcare interoperability, FHIR. View his educational works on GitHub, YouTube, or MayJuun’s collaborative blog. (Also, he juggles fire!)

Dr. Grey Faulkenberry | CTO, MayJuun

Dr. Grey Faulkenberry has worked in clinical healthcare spaces for over 10 years. Currently a clinical informatics fellow at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, he is also a Flutter developer with a particular interest in global health informatics. Through the FHIR-FLI collaborative, he hopes to help resource-limited settings use digital data capture for medical care without becoming trapped by large EHR vendors.

Kevin Nickels | CPO, The @ Company

Kevin has a diverse background in technical and product marketing with a focus on disruptive innovations. Since starting out as a research engineer at Tek Labs, he has held various senior executive positions, including Chief Disruptor at Deutsche Bank Labs (alongside co-founder Colin Constable), CEO of FatFractal, MD of M&A at British Telecom in London, and CEO of Netmosphere (sold to Critical Path).

Colin Constable | CTO, The @ Company

After starting his technical career at British Telecom, Colin switched to investment banking at Credit Suisse, focusing on infrastructure, networking, and information security. He served as Chief Enterprise Architect at Juniper Networks. From there, he led Deutsche Bank Labs with co-founder Kevin Nickels, which grew from two people into a full custom design lab in two years.

About Us

MayJuun is a team of clinicians, designers, and developers who are fed up with the state of technology in healthcare. We’re frustrated by poorly designed tools, layouts, and interfaces, and decided to take matters into our own hands.

We are hosting this hackathon in partnership with The @ Company, the creator of a privacy-first platform that gives people control over their own data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I attend?
FHIR @hack is completely virtual. All interactions with mentors, judges, and other participants will be conducted through online platforms.

Who can participate?
We welcome anyone who is interested in developing better healthcare technology, regardless of their level of experience. You’re free to develop solo, but you can also form teams of up to 4 members. 

What is the cost of attendance?
Participating in the hackathon is totally free!

Can I work on a pre-existing project?

How do I register?
Please sign up on DevPost to secure a spot.

What if I don’t have a team?
If you’re looking for a team, please fill out this matchmaking form. We’ll connect you with other developers who might be looking for a team.

We will also have a team building event as soon as the event starts, where we will help you form a team if you don’t have one. You can also participate in the event solo if you would like.

Do I need to know how to code?
Not a problem! The main aim of this hackathon is to bring together people from different backgrounds or domains and solve for a common goal. 


Have more questions? Please join our Discord or reach out to us at to talk to a real person!

FHIR @hack 2021 Winners

Grand Prize: Team B4Clinic (Meghan Morris)

Runner-Ups:  Team BlackBulls (Brij Patel & Nirav Pansuriya)
                          Team Jack + Ben (Jack Fan & Ben Catania)
                          Team Micah (Allister Beharry)

Gamechanger: Best Out of the Box Hack: Team EMSights (Oshani Seneviratne & Manan Shukla)

Best Use of FHIR and @platform: Team SeCURE (Ujjaini Das & Savvy Chezhian)

Best Privacy-Focused Solution: CareMutual (Jas Saroya & Sukhi Kaur) & WeCare (Viral Sangani, Rishabh Verma & Shubham Kumar)

@sign Gift Voucher Winning Teams:
Aesthetic Ciphers
Design Outliers
Team Soul

Best @wavi Page Winners: Kajal Khanna (@classicaesthetic), Jui Thombre (@delightfulkangaroo) & Ally Cheung (@sophisticatedlyrebird)

Best FHIR Pun: Jatin Dehmiwal

Minecraft Build Battle winner: Gefei Zhang