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Early Access Program Benefits

Join our community of Internet Optimists who want to act on effecting a new Internet Future by becoming community leaders, beta testers, and builders of new app experiences.  

By providing your email, you can: 

  • Get 20% off on custom @signs (or get a free one). As an Internet Optimist community member, you’ll receive a 20% discount on custom @signs (though you can always get a free @sign). Your @sign is your key to accessing the app experiences and acts as both your username and password for receiving benefits listed below.
  • Join our Beta Tester list. We’ll notify you when there are new @pps available to test in beta.
  • Attend our onboarding workshops. During these workshops, we provide individualized attention to help get you set up on any of the new @pps in beta. 
  • Get to know The @ Company. You’ll be invited to private virtual chats with industry thought leaders, app demo days, and have the opportunity to offer feedback directly to The @ Company founders and core builders.
  • Offer your friends and family a discount. Invite your friends and family to get an @sign for 20% off.

You may opt out at any time, at which point The @ Company will not retain your email address. Any data you may have granted access to via @pps is not accessible by us and remains in your ownership.

Try these new app experiences.

Once you’ve registered an @sign, we recommend starting with @wavi, which lets you set up your public profile on our @sign lookup, or testing completely private file sharing with @mosphere. As more apps become available you will be notified and have the opportunity to beta test them.

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