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An important, and often overlooked aspect of sign building is the quality of materials used. Knowing the quality of materials being used in your sign or banner is just as important as the experience level of the people you entrust with your company's image.

Quality materials provide longevity.Signs are an investment, and should last as long as the investment requires. The high quality materials @Sign employs for their sign production provide wear, tear and fade resistance. Superior adhesion vinyls, and durable poly materials also provide years of interior and exterior usage. Signs and Banners may consist of both FLEXIBLE and/or rigid media, and may be made up of many types of materials to achieve the desired end effect.

Below are descriptions of the most often used materials in AtSign Creations:



Vinyl Lettering MaterialQuality lettering material is essential. For lettering @Sign uses Pressure Sensitive Vinyl. Also used for background fills in magnetic signage, Pressure sensitive vinyls are available in two grades, each with different properties.

  • (ST) Standard vinyl is offered in the full pallet range for use on any sign, interior or exterior. Standard vinyl (3MIL), has a matte finish, and provides a high performance:cost ratio. Particularly useful in attracting people from a distance, where a glossy finish is not necessary. Standard Vinyl is rated at 5 Year exterior durability.
  • (HP) High Performance Vinyl is suggested when a glossy high detail finish is desired. HP Vinyl (2MIL), provides extended durability with a 6 - 8 year exterior rating. HP Vinyl offers an extended range of colors and special pallets. For High Impact signage, ask about Translucent, Florescent and Neon color vinyls.

Contact the professionals at @Sign to find out which vinyl is best for your project.


Banner MaterialPrimary Banner Materials are of Reinforced Vinyl.
Reinforced vinyl banners are stronger than canvas of the same weight, are slow-to-fade, and are tear and weather resistant. Two weights are available. All banner material is Fire Retardant.

10oz Banner material is a lower cost laminated tough vinyl surface, available in standard colors only. Lightweight media is recommended for interior use, or temporary eye-catching exterior displays.

14oz Banners are recommended for exterior & interior signage, where extended durability and superior slow-to-fade properties are required. 14oz material is available in a large pallet of colors, as well as some specialty designer colors. Our 14oz banner material has a triple strength inner core of polyester fiber for extreme tear resistance. Heavyweight banners are available in 18", 24", 36", and 48" heights, cut to length for your project. Smaller and larger banner sizes are also available, with lengths up to 40' "Over-Street" sizes. All banners include reinforced weather resistant grommets for mounting, and wind-slot cutting is also available if requested.

@Sign has the right banner in any size or color combination.


Whether you are running high volume projects or short run sign jobs, Magnum Magnetics has a magnetizing solution for you. Magnum magnetic material is the perfect choice for volume jobs done on a regular or semi-regular basis. Magnum Magnetics can also offer a magnetizing solution for all your in-line printing needs.

Each of these systems is designed and custom built for your particular process.


  • .030 mil, Magnetic Sheeting
  • .030 mil, Magnetic Sheeting
  • Vehicle sign magnets, bin markers, menu boards
  • Available in Matt and Gloss finishes
  • Magnum Magnetics is ready for vinyl lettering and screen printing

Contact the professionals at @Sign to find out which vinyl is best for your project.



CoroplastTemporary Signage requires a tough, lightweight and inexpensive medium. Coroplast, most commonly seen in exterior use as directional signs for political campaigns, exterior directional and personal signs such as birthday parties and family gatherings. Coro is an economical way to post signs for temporary exterior, or interior use. 4mil provides rigidity for wind resistance. Also available are Step Stakes,® an easy way to mount signs in yards or other soft ground.


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  • 4' x 8' and 10' x 5' corrugated plastic sign panels available
  • High density fluted polyethylene
  • Ready for vinyl lettering or screen printing
  • Available in a wide variety of colors
  • 4mm and 10mm thickness


Call us today to see if coroplast is what you need!


Available in varying thickness and custom colors, acrylic is the perfect substrate when a high quality, durable and "Polished" finish is required. Acrylic adds a professional, permanent look to your signs. This product is also great for lighted applications, where a translucent material may be needed.  @AtSign has may colors and sizes in stock, ready to custom cut for your project.


PVC Foam is a lightweight material with a matte finish perfect for unobtrusive interior signage. This thin (1/8") material is semiflexible, scratch resistant and available in many colors.PVC is ultra-wear and offers a better interior longevity than Coroplast, for a more permanent sign. Excellent for display boards and Trade Shows.

Sintra PVC Foam


Medium Density Overlay, a 1/2" sheet of premium quality plywood, overlayed 1 side with aluminum or a poly. Used most often in real estate signs and permanent signage for store fronts. This type of substrate performs excellently in all weather environments, and provides for easy mounting on all surface types.


The Ultimate in Durability.  Aluminum is available in many colors and is stocked in a 040 gauge thickness. These signs are weather proof, and provide a smooth surface for lettering.

More material choices are available, please Contact us @ 817-732-4455 for suggestions and more information on the best material choice for your current or next project.


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